Ink and Toner



Community Printers uses vegetable based inks in all of our printing presses. We do this for two reasons:

  • To cut down on the amount of volatile organic compounds in the work place.  VOCs are the solvents that evaporate quickly to aid in the drying process. While VOCs help ink to dry, they also affect the  air quality around us, particularly for workers coming in close contact to the fumes. By committing to use low VOC inks, printers and ink manufacturers have had to develop other strategies to get inks to dry on the press sheet. We apply a water based coating that dries instantly over any print job that might need help in setting up and we add hardening agents to the vegetable based inks to facilitate drying without the need for high contents of VOCs.
  • To minimize our use of petroleum based chemicals in the printing process. The employees at Community Printers use more petrochemicals in our cars than we do in the inks that we use to print your jobs, but we consider it a strong symbol that it is possible to reduce our reliance on oil. It is a move in the right direction.

Some printers use inks made with Soy Oil. Our inks are made from Canola and Linseed Oil. We have experimented with many different inks and are very pleased with the purity of color and the drying characteristics of our vegetable based ink set.


Our Color digital printing presses use a new EA Toner that produces the finest halftone screening on the market. It also has amazing rub resistance. In some ways better than ink. The toner is made up of tiny plastic particles that are the size of microscopic grains of corn starch. These particles are melted on the paper with heat. The EA Toner is fused to paper using the lowest amount of energy of any digital print device on the market and yet has exceptional rub resistance.