Electronic Publishing


It's a lot of work to design a nice piece for print. Now we make it easier for you to distribute that piece on the web.

When you print a multi-page document at Community Printers, we can also convert it to Flipbook format and host it on our web server so that you can distribute it electronically. There is no cost to convert your document to a Flipbook when you print with us but if you would like, we can add additional enhancements such as links, videos and audio content. We can also create online libraries or catalogs of all your publications for sharing in an intuitive way on Macs, PCs, iPads, tablets or any device with a standard web browser. We can provide an estimate for “custom Flipbooks” based upon your needs.

What is a Flipbook?
We call them “Flipbooks” although you may also hear them called “flipping books”, “electronic page flip” and “page-turning software” just to name a few. All of these names refer to a digital, multi-page document that simulates flipping through pages of a real book. Have you noticed that when you read a book or publication online it’s been reformatted with HTML or saved as a PDF so you only see single pages? But when you read a physical book or publication the design can spread across two pages and in some cases the two page spread can make a compelling message.

Flipbooks allow your publication to be viewed online in the exact same way as the printed version. It also includes search features, analytics, social sharing and a laundry list of other features. It’s a quick and easy way to get your publications online and the results are amazing. Watch our two minute video for an overview of how Flipbooks can enhance your online publications.

900748How We Make Flipbooks
Community Printers has licensed software from “FlippingBook Publisher” a leading page-turning software company. We’ve purchased the seat licenses and learned how to use the software so that all you have to do is give us your source file and we’ll do the rest. We didn’t invent this technology but we like it so much and find it so useful that we decided to provide it as a service to our customers. Since we use a source file for the print job we thought why not go the next step and convert the source file to a Flipbook and host it on our server. This way we can deliver the printed publication and a link to the electronic version both at the same time.

Linking your Printed Piece to the internet
By now, just about everyone has heard of QR codes; those postage stamp size black and white grids that geeky people photograph with their smart phones and go immediately to a website that is either a mirror image of the physical publication or that link you to additional content such as video or social networks. We can generate codes for you and help you prepare electronic files such as Flipbooks, HTML pages, Landing Pages, Facebook flyers and other documents that will support your publishing effort. Your publication can exist on paper and online and the QR code links the two permitting easy distribution of information.

Custom Solutions to get the word out
The wide range of print and electronic products that we offer makes us uniquely suited to build custom answers that fit your needs. We love to brainstorm. Share with us what you are trying to do and together we will help you build your organization.

  • Re-purpose your print publications for web distribution. See how physical and electronic publications can support one another
  • Make your documents available to everyone or lock them behind a secure log in
  • Create storefronts to manage distribution of products
  • Allow customers or users to customize documents and forms to fit their needs and then distribute those documents physically and/or electronically

Flipbook Demonstration

This two minute video from FlippingBook Publisher will show you some of the many uses and benefits of our Flipbook product.

Examples of free Flipbooks

See examples of how our customers have utilized our free Flipbook offer.