Print Donations

We welcome requests for print donations from organizations based in or doing significant work in Santa Cruz County.

We have designed an application process that is very simple. It starts by requesting a print quote. We need to know what you are asking us to do for you. To figure out the size of the donation request, we need to know the basics. How many pieces do you need? What size is it? How many pages? If you are new to ordering printing, call us and we can talk you through the process of getting an estimate.

Once we know what you are asking for we need to get a little information about the organization that you work with. Because we don't have enough resources to grant every request, we have set certain priorities:

  • The organization or community effort must be active in Santa Cruz County.
  • Our focus is on programs that support the arts, youth programs, education, the environment and social justice. As a rule we do not usually contribute to religious organizations unless the project supports one of our core missions. So if the religious organization is running a meals program to feed the hungry or a beach clean up to help the environment, we would be open to doing a print donation to support the effort.
  • Most print donations are $500 or less. We do¬†occasionally break this rule. When we do it either has to do with us having a very long-term relationship ¬†with an organization or there is an acute crisis that is affecting our community that requires a larger action.

It only takes a couple of days to get approval from the donation committee. The committee is made up of three Community Printers staff and a representative from the Eschaton Foundation.

If someone wants to do a project that is bigger than we can afford to donate to, we can give you a grant amount and you can pay the difference. We also maintain a list of non-profit organizations that receive a 13% on all jobs.

Feel free to call with questions.