Asia Pulp & Paper Defends Deforestation Charges

SOURCE: Environmental Leader

APP believes they have been cleared from allegations of illegal deforestation, however, their suppliers were found guilty. We think it was a step in the right direction that back in February APP pledged to” immediately stop clearing the natural forest across its entire supply chain in Indonesia.” Hopefully APP plans on following through with a strategy to require all its suppliers to make the same pledge otherwise this commitment is meaningless. As business people we select our vendors based upon many criteria...price, quality, service and corporate responsibility. We can't turn a blind eye to the business practices of our suppliers.

Asia Pulp & Paper today released a report that says it has not violated its zero-deforestation policy.
The report investigates allegations made last month that two of APP’s suppliers were clearing natural forest in West Kalimantan Province on the island of Borneo and comes a day after analysis published by WWF and other environmental groups accuses APP of causing the deforestation of more than 1.4 million hectares in Sumatra, Indonesia.

Environmental Leader: WWF Lobs Deforestation Charges, Asia Pulp & Paper Fights Back

Kudos to companies like Xerox, Disney and many others who have suspended purchases from APP after learning of the company’s forestry practices. We feel it’s extremely important for consumers to know where the paper they buy is really coming from. Until APP has demonstrated that they are committed to holding their suppliers to sustainable forestry practices we won't be able to buy their papers. Because APP sells their paper under private label in the U.S. it is difficult to know whether your print job is being produced on APP paper. When buying offshore papers it is always best to ask that it be FSC certified. (There are many good Asian sheets with this certification. We want APP to do the right thing. We look forward to the day when the words match the deeds. FSC certification would be the most legitimate path for Asia Pulp and Paper to show that they are truely open to their claim of wanting transparency in their forestry practices.

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