Trees for the Future

Since 2004, Community Printers has partnered with Trees for the Future to restore trees in countries where damage from harmful human activities and extreme climate changes have devastated habitats and have contributed to the Global Warming crisis. Restoring tree cover to barren lands in developing countries promotes “Global Cooling™” by removing carbon dioxide from the global atmosphere.”

Using an equation of 17 trees per ton of paper used, Community Printers plants seedlings worldwide, replacing our paper consumption as well as additional trees to mitigate the emissions of our delivery and sales vehicles. “Although we already print many projects on recycled paper, we see an opportunity to do more for our customers and the environment,” says Terese Armstrong, Community Printers’ tree planting coordinator. For the years 2004 through 2012 we have replanted 141,015 trees. We are currently calculating paper use for 2013 and will be once again helping to plant more trees.

Combined with our sourcing of sustainable papers we are continuing to lower our carbon footprint.



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