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Community Printers is proud to be a part of Think Local First of Santa Cruz County. Buying from locally owned and independent businesses benefits the local economy. There are 5,000 printers in California and 50,000 in the U.S..  As a result of the internet you have a virtually unlimited set of choices for how and where to reproduce your jobs. Every printer has different equipment. The key to getting the best quality, price and service is by working with a printer who has the right tools and skills for the job. Community Printers has the widest array of digital and offset presses on the central coast combined with a very well equipped bindery. Our staff is passionate about printing. We want to show you why printing locally will get you the best solution to meet your needs. tcaps cloud . If we are not a good fit for your job, we will help you find someone who is a better fit. We know that when we help you to be successful on your next print project that you will come back again and again.

Here are a few reasons that Think Local First believes you should support local vendors with your purchases:

  • Locally owned businesses spend their profits locally, purchase more goods from local suppliers, and employ their own office and support staff.
  • When more money gets re-circulated in the community, general prosperity as well as tax revenues increase, creating a more vibrant and sustainable economy.
  • Locally owned businesses tend to stick around when times get harder. A local owner doesn’t easily pack up and leave town for “better” pastures. This creates more stability in the local economy.
  • Because they focus primarily on local markets, locally owned businesses tend to be smaller and place a high premium on being easily accessible by local residents. This cuts down on car travel and promotes sustainable neighborhood economies while at the same time avoids high public expenses for shopping center infrastructure costs.

. . . and the entire community

  • Business owners, who live in town, take better care of the environment, participate in public life and local charities.
  • A wide variety of locally owned businesses contributes to a stronger local identity and cultural diversity, creating an attractive place to live and visit.
  • Strengthening our locally owned business community promotes authentic and meaningful relationships between employees, business owners, customers, suppliers, and neighbors. Chances are, when you buy from a locally owned business, part of your purchase will benefit your neighbors and friends.

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