Concept of Smart Publications

It takes a lot of work to design a newsletter, annual report, catalog, or brief. You can spend days or weeks gathering images and content and working the publication into its final form. Once we receive your final file, proof it and print it, you have the option to also receive an electronic version of your print publication for free.

Our eBooks can be viewed on a computer or an iPad. The files are converted to HTML pages that reside on our server. The eBook gives you additional ways to distribute the same publication that you just printed.

  • You can place it on your web page along with a thumbnail of the catalog.
  • Put a thumbnail of the catalog in the "signature" of your email and turn it into a link. That way every time you send an email correspondence there is a version of the catalog at the fingertip of the person you are speaking with. Most email programs do not mask images in a signature so it can also make a simple yet impressive presentation even if the person receiving the email hides images in the body of the email.
  • Place it into a Facebook Fan Page. We can help you with this if you want.
  • Send out as part of an email blast. Services like Constant Contact are a nice way to send out publication announcements.
  • Use the share button within the eBook to share with others.

The free eBook looks just like your publication. If you are interested, we can enhance it by adding additional interactivity by including links, audio and video. We can also build a library for your collection of publications to reside on your website.

Give us a call or stop by and we can talk to you about your options.

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