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elcome to the 2017 season of the
Cabrillo Festival of Contemporary
Music! This seasonmarks our 55th
consecutive summer presenting what we
believe is the most adventurous orchestral
music in theworld. Each year an international
assembly of composers, musical artists and
producersgathers inSantaCruz for theevent,
led by the nimble baton of our distinguished
musicdirectorandconductor. Thisyearweare
thrilled to introduce you to CristianMăcelaru,
t’s a tremendous pleasure to extend
my welcoming wishes to you and to
our incredible orchestra and to add a
very special welcome to our new music
director, Cristi Măcelaru. Since September
2015 the Cabrillo Festival has been on a
transformational journey, celebrating where
we’ve been, examining where we are, and
dreaming about where we want to go. It
is, indeed, a new dawn and a new day for
executive director’s letter
CabrilloFestival to thrive year after year. Thank
you for your kindness—the Festival is truly
blessedby your activestewardship. I alsowant
to especially acknowledge the many donors
who have contributed to our Three Steps to
theFuture fundraisingcampaign—a three-year
commitment to help secure a vibrant future
for the Festival—your response has been truly
We have so much to look forward to this
season—seven world premieres, two special
tributes, numerous composers-in-residence,
many distinguished guest artists, the amazing
Festival orchestra—and the debut of Cristi
Măcelaru conducting from the Festival stage.
CabrilloFestival isultimatelyabout “thenew”—
honoring a range of creative expression that
seeksnothing less than toaffirmour humanity
and empower us to become better connected
with each other. This is the spirit we give fresh
witness to each year in August. It’s our reason
for being, and it’sagreat privilege toshare that
passionwith you.
anew friendand incrediblemusical talentwho
has been chosen by the Board of Directors to
leadCabrilloFestival as itsnewmusicdirector
and conductor. Please join me in welcoming
Cristi to Santa Cruz, and I hope you enjoy his
first seasonat theFestival’shelm.
Iwant to thank theFestival’sBoardofDirectors
for their strong leadership in managing this
artistic leadership transition. They conducted
a very thoughtful and deliberative process,
recognizing Cabrillo’s rich traditions while
also having the vision to explore vibrant, new
directions for theFestival.
Thankyou to theextraordinaryCabrilloFestival
staff ledbyourveteranExecutiveDirector,Ellen
Primack. Year after year Ellen and her team
build and refine the durable foundation that
makespossible theambitiousprogrammingat
theheartof theFestivalexperience.Thankyou,
Ellen, JessicaFrye,LyndseyLoosleyandDonna
Geffken—your work makes an enormous
I offer my heartfelt appreciation to our
fantastic community of donors and patrons.
Your unparalleled generosity enables the
message from the president
I want to thank our Artistic Leadership
TransitionTeam, inparticular,forextraordinarily
big thinkinganda levelofdevotionandpassion
that made the process genuinely thrilling.
Liza Culick (chair), Jim Petersen, Michel
Protti, and I, conceived and implemented
a process that engaged the entire Board of
Directors and staff, and included input from
our Orchestra members and colleagues in
the field. Maestra Marin Alsop’s sage advice
at the outset was invaluable and liberating.
Dozens of candidates, numerous trips, and
hours of interviews led us to our collective
decision. Considering many viable options,
it became clear that there was only one real
choice—Cristian Măcelaru. Watching Cristi
conduct, hearing him engage an audience,
speaking with him about what he would do
if entrusted with this opportunity at Cabrillo
and how hewants tomake a difference in the
worldultimatelymade our decisionprofoundly
thishonor and this responsibility.
Since announcing his appointment in
September 2016 and working on programming
for 2017, 2018, 2019, and beyond, there has
never been a singlemoment of doubt. We are
in such capable hands, and we can’t wait for
you towatchMaestroMăcelaruon thepodium
Musician, writer, and actress Carrie
Brownstein, in her memoir “
Hunger Makes
Me a Modern Girl
,” wrote, “My favorite kind
of musical experience is to feel afterward
that your heart is filled up and transformed.
Like it is pumping a whole new kind of blood
into your veins. This is what it is to be a fan.
Curious. Open. Desiring for connection. To
feel like art has chosen you, claimed you as
its witness.” The Cabrillo Festival has long
offered that possibility, and Cristi’s dreams
promise to open our hearts and minds to a
universebeyondour own.
Whether youarea veteranadventurer, or this
isyourfirstdive intoourworld,may theFestival
be all that youwant and need it to be—social
connection, intellectual stimulation, artful
respite, joyful inspiration. Your presencehere
makes that all possible. Thank you!
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