Cabrillo Festival of Contemporary Music | Program Guide 2017 - page 1

the language of us.
mothers ritualistic songs in order to connect
withour future selves. And soArt was born; to
fill our void, our constant yearning to connect
I left my home early, to studymusic an ocean
away. Twenty years have passed since, yet I
still have a sense of homecoming every time I
go back. However, when asked to definewhat
homemeans tome, I cannot but refer back to
my first language. Forme, connectingwith you
inmusic is the arrival from a journey, not of a
twenty-year one but the journey of humanity.
It is the arrival of a sacred connection to our
beginning, andaspiritual link toour future.
The sorrow in what we’ve defined as ‘aminor
scale’ is the same as it was a thousand
years before. And while the knowledge of
the structure informs its content, it is this
genesis of a shared emotion, across time,
which connects us more than the intellectual
understandingof it.
Music is heard not with our ears but with our
hearts.Which iswhy it speakssoclearly.After
all, it isour first language, isn’t it?
We here at Cabrillo value our community and
connection.Music liveswhen it isshared, and
a big part of this process is the recipient–
YOU! I welcome your open ears andhearts at
this new point of departure. It is the journey
we will share together that gives me great
excitement, and I hope we never arrive—for
this Cabrillo Experience shall continue on as
longas there isnewmusic toconnect us.
MusicDirector andConductor
usic was my first language. As
the youngest of ten children, in a
musical family, everything around
me wasmusic. My siblings all played different
instruments and I grew up convinced that the
world was one big orchestra—that everyone
had to practice everyday, and everyone knew
Bach’s Chaconne and Beethoven’s 5th. And
it didn’t seem strange to learn the musical
alphabet before the ‘real’ one. In fact, reading
andwritingmusicwas taught tomewell before
reading and writing words. It is why I consider
music my first language. But isn’t that our
Earliest forms of communication—be it
amongst ourselves or in the constant effort to
connect with the universe—always revolved
around music. Rhythm led to dance, and
emotions to song; and both were considered
spiritual, sacred ways to connect us. Once
the notion of time was absorbed, we started
painting cave walls and learning from our
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